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About Us

The goal of Nu Life Alliance is to help people become aware of the concept of group dynamics and how a collective movement can help improve the quality of life for themselves and those around them. No one can do it all by themselves because the power is with the people as a whole.

Our Purpose

Nu Life Alliance, Inc. has come alive for the purpose of helping people discover their potential, both as individuals and collectively. We accomplish this by teaching people to simplify their lives using a model we call "Nu Life Principles."

Nu Life Principles

The model is based on a collection of theories that counter and challenge the current foundations of life in society we have known all our lives. The goal is to help people reflect on and practice these theories to make positive changes in their lives, their communities and in the world.

Virginia non-profit organization

Nu Life Alliance is a Virginia non-profit organization whose mission is defined for charitable and educational purposes. Our goals are to 1) Establish educational programs and courses for individuals, families, and groups 2) Organize community movements that push for social change 3) Initiate and assists charitable organizations and services in the community that give assistance to those in need.

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