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Life Courses

Take a course or sign up and volunteer to teach a course. Learn more

Group Support

Lead public forums and lecture series for community groups.

Social Media

Sign up on our social media platform and share information online.

Online Collaboration

Spread the word around the Internet to your followers and others.

Community Networks

Branch out into your neighborhood and build a network: personal and business.

Fund Raising

Donations, sponsorship and fund raisers are encouraged. Learn more

Nu Life Alliance provides group and individual counseling in many areas of life. We invite others to bring their levels of expertise to the Alliance as well.

Our Purpose

The goal of Nu Life Alliance is to help people become aware of the concept of group dynamics and how a collective movement can help improve the quality of life for themselves and those around them. No one can do it all by themselves because the power is with the people as a whole. We accomplish our goals using these tactics:

  • Design strategies from a blueprint of ideals.
  • Implement those strategies using phased milestones
  • Gather data and resources to build a network
  • Negotiate our goals through the proper channels
  • Recycle our goals to continue to build the Alliance

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