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Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a month paying hosting companies for shared and dedicated servers, empower your business and community and learn to build and operate your own server in your own home office.

This course offers a step-by-step guide to show you the backend of the hosting business so you won’t have to depend on a company somewhere in another state or country.

If you don’t mind reading a little and learning a new skill, and if you can follow instructions carefully and then see the success of the outcome, you can have your own home server up and running in one day.

Stop paying an extra $30-40 for more space, speed, or bandwidth; or begging the company to install dependant programs or for administrative privileges (you’ll have it), and no more time wasted on the phone with support to fix something you do not understand. You will have power over the software and the hardware.

This much control is worth your time and effort to learn the backend of Home Server Hosting.

You can grow your server as you please; add RAM, hard drive space, bandwidth in addition to working the front end of your websites, programs and scripts that require nothing more than a little time and effort to tweak.

Host as many domains as you want, run as many email servers as you want with as many email addresses as you want. The great part is you can make extra money and host other people’s websites and offer businesses any Internet service they want.

You can install VPNs, cloud services, increased security, and install framework on your server for any program on the market, such as WordPress, social media networking and even the opportunity for reselling.

Don't have time for a course? We're now offering a comprehensive eBook guide for only $29.99. You can purchase the eBook here.

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