Grassroots Organizing

The Grassroots Organizing course is a section in the Community Development category. It focuses on how to begin and operate a successful grassroots community organization to bring about a positive change for families in that community and as a unit.

Grassroots Organizing provides a simple layout of how to form and operate a movement that will bring about an effective change in the community relating to politics and policies, social issues, or community beatification projects.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the learner will understand the basic steps in beginning, building and growing a community organization for it to bring about change. How to maintain an organization and how to grow pass the community stage and into a larger national scale.


Below are basics topics of the course outline:

  1. Determine a cause
  2. Research the cause
  3. Build a team
  4. Legalize it
  5. Recruitment
  6. Fund raise
  7. Build coalitions
  8. Create an agenda
  9. The media
  10. Engage policymakers
  11. Spread the word