About Nu Life

company profile

Nu Life Alliance Inc., renamed the organization in 2016 originally from JC Productions Inc., which was established in Stone Mountain Ga. by Sally Hamilton in 2000 as a Government non-profit 501c3. The general purpose was dedicated to developing the talents of people of all ages.

Sally Hamilton passed away in December of 2019 and her son, CR Hamilton, took control of the organization and renamed it Nu Life Alliance, Inc. The primary purpose of Nu Life is remained centered on young people and their talents but have expanded the mission to include community development, networking and support groups.

our mission

JC Productions original mission specialized in developing the God-given talents in people of all ages. Performers of theater, dance, music, and art/culture was the main focus and Sally Hamilton coordinated many events for the public.

Our services not only delve into discovering talent, but into academic training, and community building. People of all ages can grow their knowledge of and ability to expand their creative gifts through offline and online courses in many different subject areas.

our promise

  • To help people become aware of the concept of group dynamics
  • Implement those strategies using phased milestones
  • Gather data and resources to build a network
  • Negotiate our goals through the proper channels
  • Living up to highest neighborly standards