Free To Learn Project

Mission of the Free-to-Learn Project

The Free To Learn Project is an awareness campaign organized to inform the general public about the current school-to-prison pipeline cycle taking shape in the local community school system and the effects it has on the general public as a whole.

The campaign is based on multiple national case studies that have challenged local authorities such as the school system, police department, and courts, to reevaluate the way they handle student disciplinary problems. The ultimate goal is to design an intergovernmental agreement among the three entities that would decrease student suspension and incarceration. The common message being, "educate not incarcerate."

The Free To Learn Project will propose to be a liaison between the schools and the police department that would address student behavioral problems at the root cause. This approach makes the school faculties job less strenuous, frees up more police to handle more criminal offenses instead of spending days in schools, and it eventually helps children become more confident and productive citizens of society instead of accused criminals. Not to mention decrease tax-payers burden by using more taxes for education instead of incarceration.