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Incarceration Cycle

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The school-to-prison pipeline has become an incarceration cycle that is plaguing society. In essence, the government has resorted to criminalizing children in order to assure a future population for newly built jails and prisons that feed the prison industrial complex in America. Despite the fact that crime in the United States has actually decreased over the past 25 years, the justice system is operating in full force against American citizens.

Many private prisons are being built in rural areas, which in turn give jobs to rural residents. Because factories have shut down and moved overseas and farming has been replaced with chemical-based food products, there is little work for people in rural areas. Police academies are on the rise and the court system is thriving despite any other occupations around the country.

The reason they fill these jails is because certain people, (in high authority) have invested interest in these jails and prisons or in the process of citizen incarceration one way or another. The United States build jails and prisons at alarming rates, in fact, the US has the highest incarceration rate in all the world. There are more people in jail for non-violent crimes in the US than anywhere.

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Cable channels air numerous criminal-type programs that include jail and prison documentaries, crime shows, police ride-along programs, and other law and order type programming. This constant focus on law, crime and punishment is to place fear in citizens and to give law officials complete autonomy and power over the public.