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If you do nothing else, work with Nu Life Alliance as a volunteer and contribute to your community. Volunteering with Nu Life takes a little more than bringing awareness through distributing literature in your neighborhood and across social media, or leading your own class on Nu Life Principles.

As a volunteer you will get personalized business cards from our corporate office, a Nu Life Principles package that contains instructions on marketing, organizing, fundraising and implementing your own course. In addition to a load of resources and networking opportunities that we gather from other volunteers and associates.

To become a volunteer, go to the contact page and complete the form. You will receive a response once we review your request. You can join our Grassroots Organizing 101 online course and get started.

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Nu Life Alliance
Richmond, VA.
Telephone: 804.571.2112

E-mail: staff@nulifetime.com
Website: www.nulifealliance.org

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